New touch solution products

    By introducinguser-friendly interface and E-learningmaterials over both internet platform and cloud systemshad brought out the advantage of information explosion era., Currentlearning materials on paper was unable to satisfy knowledge inquiry of studentsin a wide range. The revolution of education system is to use electronicinteractive equipment combining wonderful E-learning courses.

     AbonMax technology’s subsidiary Abontouchhas expertise on projected capacitive touch technology for years. The latest products for mass production ready is 65 -inch touch monitor which is also named interactive whiteboard(IWB). The device can be connected to all current operating systems, providing flexible usage from every aspects of touch display device。 With optional active stylus, simulated hard writing can also be perfectly achieved. Hand writing becomes more interesting with artistic sense.

     AbonMax technologydedicated himself to technology education and enterprise communication environment for making a better world. Reducing the cost of time waste, enhancing the efficiency of business promotion, AbonMax’s IWB expects to become an industrial standard of information exchange from person to person.Our vision is to deploy IWB in every corner of the campus and the building of enterprise in the future and make a better world.



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