New touch solution products


With an excellent professional team, advanced special equipment, and high-yield plant planning, Abontouch will be able to meet customers in "quality" and "quantity" needs under the principle of reasonable prices and fast delivery. It is our commitment to bring our customer excellent product in all applications.


◎ Optimized Yield Rate

◎ High Temperature Process Equipment

◎ Professional Facilities

◎ Optimized Production Capacity

◎ Provide customers the best human-machine interface service

◎ Complete RMA system


What Advantage on PCAP

◆ Provide more thin and less weight touch sensor for your application

◆ High transparency provide

◆ Good touch sensibility for your application

◆ Low noise interrupt design into sensor

◆ Below 32” touch sensor support


What Advantage on 5W RTP

◆ Adopt“High Temperature Process”sinter silver line into the panel for enhance product’s durability and reliability

◆ Adopt Soldered type tail for prevent tail peel off issue on worst temperature condition

◆ Adopt “No Vent Hole” frame lamination process for prevent newton ring issue

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